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Collin Ewald

Research interests:

  • Extracellular matrix protein homeostasis during aging and longevity
  • Drug discovery
  • Matreotype

Thorsten Hoppe

The ultimate goal of our research is to assemble a global picture of stress-induced proteolytic networks critical for aging of multicellular organisms.

Sebastian Iben

The general hypothesis of our group is that the process of protein synthesis is subject to qualitative decline in aging and contributes to loss of proteostasis.

Alessandro Ori

My lab focuses on (i) understanding how aging predisposes to the onset of neurodegenerative disorders by impairing protein homeostasis, and (ii) how the cross-talk between adult stem cells and their niches is affected by aging leading to reduced regenerative capacity of old organs. We work with both mouse and killifish models, and combine 'omics approaches (mainly proteomics) with functional studies.