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Mark Berneburg

Research interests

  • progeroid syndromes
  • genetic instability
  • mitochondrial dysfunction
  • metabolic alterations

Stephanie Panier

We work the on the molecular mechanisms underlying DNA damage response pathways. We focus particularly on the role of RNA-binding proteins in DNA damage signaling and repair.

Helmut Pospiech

The focus research is interplay of DNA replication, recombination and damage response for the maintenance of genomic stability, and the effect of disturbances in these processes for cellular aging and development of cancer.

Björn Schumacher

We are employing the C. elegans system and mammalian disease models to uncover the mechanisms through which DNA damage accumulation drives the aging process. Through the understanding of the basic mechanisms of genome instability-driven aging we contribute to the development of future strategies to prevent aging-associated diseases.

Dario Riccardo Valenzano

Research interests

  • evolutionary biology of aging
  • microbiome and aging
  • killifish
  • alternative aging models
  • comparative genomics